Tournament Director Support Services

Welcome to Par3 Disc Golf Tournament Director support services.

Our goal is to support you in running your tournament. We feel we can help build player enjoyment and help make the tournament experience all it can be. 

Onsite Vending and Tournament Payout (Script),

  • Washington State on-site Support each day of your Tournament, Check In, Lunch etc. We know you need a break or maybe want to play in your event.
  • On-site Script redemption players can choose on-site or on-line whatever is easier for them. 
  • On-Site sales with 1000 + items for your players to select from each day of the tournament (regular sales and script redemption)

National Tournament Payout (Script),

  • National on-line Tournament Payout (Amateur Script). We have experience in providing on-line payout (Script) redemption for all winning Amateur Divisions.
  • All Amateur payout Script Gift Cards are valid for 6 months from date of issue giving your players time to return home and make their selections from our full inventory at

Tournament Director Appreciation,

At Par3 we have been in your shoes! We understand the work and thankless hours that go into making your tournament happen. With this in mind we offer the following benefit to all our Tournament Director partners:

  • 5% of Tournament on-site sales (not including script) back to TD! ($150.00 max)
  • 5% of all Tournament Payout (Script) no $ maximum back to the TD!
  •  Added Cash or Vendor Fee’s donated to Tournament Payouts

Tournament Player Pack support,

  • We offer Player Pack packages with non-customized merchandize from $15.00 around per player (+ shipping & handling).
  • Customized merchandize including disc’s and other accessories are available with a strict minimum lead times depending on the item.
  • We also can provide multiple choice player packs! Each player can pick the designated optional components of their individual player pack (details available)

For a quote on any of our services please complete the contact form below and we look forward to working with you.

Thanks, and have a great day!

Marty & Dan Smith

Owners Par3 Disc Golf LLC

“Disc Golf it all starts with Par”

Tournament Director Support Information